Grit Life

Beyond our stores and behind the scenes, Kemosabe is about philosophy and life.

These are our stories.

Grit Knowledge

The golden rules of cowboy hat care

Like a fine horse, your Kemo Sabe Cowboy Hat is ready for adventure. But just like any trusty steed, your hat needs a little TLC to stay strong on the long ride ahead.

Employee Spotlight

Kate Valdmanis, Kemo Sabe Badass

“A strong backbone gets you through a lot in this world. I can also shotgun a beer like one of the boys so that helps.”

2017 Holiday Catalogue

Victoria’s Secret

When Victoria’s Secret chose “Americana” as the theme of their 2017 Holiday Catalogue, it was only natural that they would ask Kemo Sabe to provide the Western goods for an authentic Cowgirl swagger.

Employee Spotlight

Wendy Kunkle, Kemo Sabe Badass

“I used to play with venomous snakes for a living.  Getting too close to a Cobra is as hardcore as I need to get.”

A Kemo Sabe Story

LX Ranch Experience

“You never hear about a woman fantasizing about running off with an accountant.”